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Magazines Induce Summer Fat Panic

Magazines Induce Summer Fat Panic

In case there’s any confusion about the source of the idea: “You can and must look like Miss California”, check out this article. It’s a great analysis of a piece by the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health introducing the May issue. We’re so used to hearing these crazy messages, we don’t even notice how crazy they are anymore. This is worth reading.


  1. There is something about the pursuit of the “perfect bikini bod” that reminds me of the pursuit of heroin or cocaine, or of addictive consumption in general. In every case, the next “hit” or “fix,” always around the corner, is presented as something that will bring the longed-for happiness. But it never does. The fix wears off, leaving the addict that much sicker, and that much farther from reality. The thrilling new purchase gets forgotten about, goes out of style, or breaks. If the abs are finally perfect, the face is still aging, and that becomes the next distraction.

    If any of this crap actually brought happiness, magazines would go out of business. Even getting to some physical “ideal” brings with it the pressure of maintaining something which is not natural. Unhappiness depends on something always being not good enough, and the feeling of having something wrong with oneself fuels consumption. Editors are no dummies.

    avatar Lisa (Xanadu)
  2. On a slightly different note. Why does a supposedly “health” magazine promote such an unhealthy way of spending summer days?
    Lying on the beach, in the sun? This is healthy? give me a break.

    Exposure to sun rays is DANGEROUS, staying for hours in the heat of a beach probably more so. And worst of all is the immobility of the body on the sun chair. Who said that “summer = beach (bikini)”? How about some really healthful suggestions like: mountain hiking, bicycle touring, boating? And the whole bikini panic may shove off.

    avatar Marzena
  3. Wow! i can’t believe how great this website is. I am so glad I joined. I had joined the Geneen Roth–whom I love!–website, but it does not offer the same guidance, clarity and responsiveness. I am so appreciative!!

    avatar Lynne
  4. I’m glad you like it! 🙂 Also welcome to the forum – I see you are a new member. The blog and forum are good in different ways. The blog discussion is around the posts. The forum discussion is more driven by members and what they have on their minds.

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