The path to freedom from weight obsession and food cravings.
Interview with Sheryl Canter on WCBS Radio (AUDIO)

Interview with Sheryl Canter on WCBS Radio (AUDIO)


  1. Sheryl,

    It was great to hear your pleasant and rational voice. It was thirteen minutes of succinct expression of what normal eating is. I’ve downloaded it and plan to listen often to remind myself of the basics.


    avatar Katy
  2. Sheryl, I enjoyed this interview very much, I thought the host asked some really good questions too! Each time I hear you speak it helps clarify aspects of my recovery from emotional eating. From this interview I more clearly got the link between the obsessive desire to be thin triggering off disordered eating because the whisper of body wisdom is drowned out by anxiety and obsessive thoughts. That was certainly true for me. I was asked to do some charity modelling, decided I wasn’t thin enough and almost immediately began binge eating! Never truly made sense to me until now!!


    avatar annieflorance
  3. Sheryl — its amazing to actually hear you saying the things you’ve been “saying” to me during these 2+ years of work in NE. I can’t believe this is the first time I hear your voice, as you are such an important person to me. I feel that I have recovered in NE. My path is as imperfect as life can be, but I am no longer an emotional eater. You are a great teacher. Thank you.

    avatar Ana (Animani)

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