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A New Blog

A New Blog

Welcome to the brand new, just launched, Normal Eating blog! The fruit in the header comes from an amazing photograph of a fruit stall in Barcelona (from Wikipedia Commons):

Fruit Stall in Barcelona Market
Fruit Stall in Barcelona Market

You can comment on blog posts whether or not you register, but if you register you can upload a profile picture that will be posted with your comments. Also, if you register you won’t have to keep typing in your name and email address.

You can receive posts in email (signup box is on the right). If you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to post or comment feeds.

I’m not yet sure yet what the fate of the newsletter will be – whether I’ll maintain both the newsletter and the blog, or eventually phase out the newsletter. For now, I will do both. The May newsletter will go out in a few days.

What do you prefer – blog and newsletter, or just blog?


  1. Two votes for the blog. But of course, I’m asking in the blog. I’ll ask in the May newsletter, too.

    I’ll cross-post the May newsletter in the blog. Since you can receive blog posts in email, I’m having trouble thinking what a newsletter can add except for somewhat nicer formatting, but I don’t want to be hasty.

  2. I saw your query the other day about how people learned about the site. I didn’t have time to post, and I don’t know where it is. It’s not important, though, because I can do it here.

    Several years ago, I came across this site. Found it – um, somehow. Couldn’t join for one or 2 reasons, and that was that. When I got a couple newsletters recently, it reminded me that the site was here. When I got the second one, I came over here to investigate, and found it pretty much the same as before, from the outside, and very inexpensive. I really wanted to join, always, so finally I did. It was the newsletters, is what I’m saying. I didn’t get one for a long time, and then I did.

    avatar smoothe
  3. Hi Bernie,

    I was starting to lean towards discontinuing the newsletter, but now with your feedback and someone else’s in the forum, I’m leaning back the other way. I think you’re right that there are people the newsletter reaches that would not read a blog. It’s no big deal to do both. I’ll cross-post the newsletters in the blog, and then also post additional articles in the blog.

    – Sheryl

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