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Normal Eating® for Normal Weight is available in all standard ebook formats. The eBooks sold from the Normal Eating Store are not limited by Digital Rights Management (DRM) so you can print and copy them for your own use.

It's the honor system - please do not make copies for others.

Lower-cost DRM-protected versions also available from the sites below (among others). There was a technical problem with the protected version of the Palm eReader format (PDB) so that one is only available from this site. The PDB format is used by the Barnes & Noble eReader.

Normal Eating Store

Sites Selling DRM-Protected Versions

Amazon (for Kindle devices and applications)

  • Uses a restricted MOBI format. The unrestricted MOBI version from the Normal Eating Store can be used on Kindles, as well. Here are instructions.
  • Available worldwide (that is, in every country where Amazon has a presence) - English-only.

iTunes / iBookstore (for Apple devices - iPhone, iPad)

  • Uses a restricted ePub format. The unrestricted ePub version from the Normal Eating Store can be used with these devices, as well. You can sync it through iTunes.
  • Available in the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia (Australia is pending as of this writing).

Paperback version
Online version with support group