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6 Good Reasons to Join

What Members Say...

This forum is my lifeline and is truly the best thing I have encountered after many books, therapies, 12-step groups etc., etc. And yet all that made this possible too. I am grateful for my journey and even more grateful I have found such a great solution here!!
I have found this site to be a Godsend. I didn't quite get it at first. How can a forum on the internet make a difference in my life? I was used to OA, the weekly or bi-weekly face to face meetings and constant contact on the phone. Now my phone doesn't ring nearly as often and I enjoy the silence! ... My life is much more peaceful now due to a forum in cyberspace, who knew?
I am finding so much support here! it's becoming my lifeline for sure -- actually in some ways it is easier to be me here than face to face, I don't have to get dressed and obsessed with how I appear, I can do this at 6:00 in the a.m. and I can say whatever I want (within reason of course) but much less pressure than public. It's nice to search different topics as well.
More Testimonials

1. Compassionate and supportive community. The camaraderie and acceptance in the forum is very healing. It's a revelation and a relief to learn that others feel as you do, and helps you to make peace with yourself. People share their successes and well as their struggles; there's nothing more encouraging than seeing others like you succeed.

2. Online version of Normal Eating for Normal Weight (full text). Easy reference to the book online facilitates discussion of the Normal Eating method. (Note that the support group version is not downloadable.)

3. Huge searchable message base that supplements the book. The forum archive is enormous - over 109,000 posts as of this writing - with thousands of posts from book author Sheryl Canter. (The forum is mainly peer support; Sheryl's participation is intermittant. For more from Sheryl, personal coaching is available.)

4. Safe and private discussion, not indexed in search engines. Unlike the blog, the forum is private. It's not indexed in any search engine and only members have access. The membership fee screens out people who aren't serious. Discussions stay on topic and there are no flame wars. It's a safe place to share struggles and successes with others who understand.

5. Private board for men working on emotional eating. Men struggle with emotional eating, too, but it's hard for them to find help because it's erroneously been labeled a woman's problem. The private area provides a place for men to connect with other men dealing with this issue.

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