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Each issue of the Normal Eating Newsletter discusses a topic relevant to food, eating, or weight, and then gives you suggestions to explore and address the topic in your own life.

The newsletters are cross-posted on the blog (along with additional articles) and you can post comments, questions, and feedback there.

I activately particpate in both forum and blog discussions, but the forum differs from the blog in two ways:

  • The forum is more private. Only members can view the posts - the forum is not indexed in search engines.
  • Blog discussion is around the posted articles, whereas forum discussion is driven by member-initiated questions and topics.

Both are useful in different ways. Join the Normal Eating Support Group


Aug 2012Sugar: Physical Addiction or Emotional Craving?
Jul 2012Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat
Jun 2012Sugar: How Much Is Too Much?
May 2012Sugar Is Toxic: Heart Disease, Cancer & More
Apr 20122 Key Principles in Creating New Habits
Mar 20123 Proven Strategies for Breaking Habits
Feb 2012How Habits Can Control Your Eating
Feb 2011Eating Out of Loneliness and Low Self-Esteem
Jan 2011Are you a fast eater? Slow down naturally.
Dec 2010How to Lose Weight for Good and for Real
Nov 2010Come Back to Normal Eating for the Holidays
Oct 2010No bad foods? All foods equal? Careful!
Sep 2010Phone Coaching for Emotional Eating?
Aug 2010Decision to Stop Dieting: Jumping Off That Cliff
Jul 2010What I Learned from Taking a Drug that Causes Weight Gain
Jun 2010Self-Deprivation Mindset: No Pleasure in Eating
Apr 2010Stopping When Full
Mar 2010How Other People Affect Your Eating
Jan 2010Eating at Meal Times and Eating from Habit
Dec 20095 Secrets to Turning Resolutions Into Reality
Nov 2009Eating Candy and Feeling Guilty
Oct 2009A Place for Nutrition in the Non-Diet Approach?
Sep 2009Taubesí Book and the Real Cause of Obesity
Aug 20095 Reasons Emotional Eaters Shun Mindfulness
Jul 2009Forum Price Increase
Jul 2009How to Stop Emotional Eating in the Evening
Jun 2009Your Normal Weight (and How to Get There)
May 20099 Truths of Normal Eating
Apr 2009Is Eating to Numb Out Ever Okay?
Mar 2009Sleep Deprivation
Feb 2009The Zig-Zag Nature of Recovery
Jan 2009A New Start
Jan 2007New Year's Resolutions that Work
Nov 2006How to Stop Food Cravings
Mar 2006The Importance of the Pause
Dec 2005What do I wear - I feel so fat!
Nov 2005Diet Mentality and the Holidays
Oct 2005What does it mean to you to be thin?