Normal Eating Author

Sheryl Canter, the author and creator of this Web site, earned an M.A. in Counseling from New York University in 1980, and led her first support group for emotional eaters at the N.Y.U. Counseling Center. She went on to work on a doctorate in Social/Personality Psychology at the CUNY Graduate Center, but became entranced with computers while doing her independent research. She left before writing her dissertation to pursue a career in the computer industry. For the next 20 years, Sheryl worked as a programmer, editor, and writer, focusing mainly on computer software and technology.

In 2002, while still involved in the computer industry, Sheryl returned to her educational roots by starting the Normal Eating Support Forum, an online community to help people free themselves from emotional and compulsive eating. The popularity of the forum eventually led to the writing of Normal Eating® for Normal Weight. Sheryl offers personal coaching via phone or Skype to clients throughout the world, and group-level coaching through the support forum.

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