Stop Emotional Eating for Good

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Emotional eating means eating to meet emotional needs rather than the body's need for fuel, and being unable to stop yourself from doing it. It's a primary reason that people are overweight.

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Are you an emotional eater? If so, what are the reasons you eat? Are you mainly soothing negative emotions, or do you eat primarily to distract yourself from the real problems in your life? How does being fat affect your view of yourself, and perhaps even serve you? Take the test and find out!

After you've completed the test, you'll get an interpretation of your own answers, plus counts of how others answered, shown separately for men and women. Men and women both struggle with emotional eating, but do they eat for different reasons? The summary report can tell you.

The Normal Eating® Approach

How do you solve the problem of weighing more than you want to weigh? Diets are not the solution because what you put in your mouth is not the problem - it's a symptom of the problem. The real problem is food cravings, emotional eating, and weight obsession. When you solve the real problem, you don't need to be told what to eat. You naturally eat according to hunger and body wisdom. Weight loss - without dieting - is the happy side effect.

But it's not easy. For an emotional eater to eat according to body wisdom requires change and growth on many levels, and most people can't do this without guidance. The Normal Eating® program provides this guidance by breaking the recovery process into stages, each stage building on the last. Learning one new set of skills at a time greatly improves your odds of success.

The book Normal Eating® for Normal Weight lays out the program in detail. The accompanying online support group lets you ask questions of the author, and apply the ideas to your own life. Personal coaching also is available.

You can read unedited testimonials on the effectiveness of the Normal Eating® method on this site, and on

Sheryl Canter, the author of Normal Eating® for Normal Weight, earned an M.A. in Counseling from New York University in 1980, and led her first support group for emotional eaters at the N.Y.U. Counseling Center. She started the online Normal Eating® Support Group in 2002.