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Fat Panic & Inner Beauty (BOOK EXCERPT)

There’s a post from me with an excerpt from Normal Eating® for Normal Weight on the Fem2pt0 blog. This is in addition to the excerpts already posted on this Web site.
It’s from the chapter, “Beauty: Inner and Outer”, and it talks about how our culture equates physical beauty with value as a human being.

Magazines Induce Summer Fat Panic

In case there’s any confusion about the source of the idea: “You can and must look like Miss California”, check out this article. It’s a great analysis of a piece by the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health introducing the May issue. We’re so used to hearing these crazy messages, we don’t even notice how crazy they [...]

What Do I Wear? I Feel So Fat!

The December holiday season is a time of special foods, and lots of them. Every year there is discussion in the media about how not to gain weight when tempted by all these treats. I discussed the issue of handling holiday feasts in the November newsletter, so in this newsletter I’ll focus on the other [...]

What Does It Mean to You to Be Thin?

What does it mean to you to be thin? Seems obvious at first – you want to be thin so you look good, right? But when you consider the intensity of people’s desire to be thin, you realize there must be more than “meets the eye”. People view the number on the scale as a [...]