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Exercise Makes You Healthy, But Not Thin

I’ve never been especially athletic. I don’t enjoy sports, and I was always the last one to be chosen for teams in gym class. It wasn’t that I was particularly fat or out-of-shape as a child. I was a little chubby, but I was fit from the ballet classes I attended from the age of 5, and I always enjoyed riding my bike. The fact was, given the choice between softball and a novel, the novel won every time. I’m a natural book worm.

One of the things that always bothered me in my struggle with weight loss throughout my teens and twenties was the idea that I had to become an exercise aficionado in order to lose weight. I didn’t want to spend my leisure time participating in sports or sweating in a gym. I value (and enjoy) intellectual accomplishment over athleticism. I’d rather be learning something than running around a track. Did I really have to be a different person to be a normal weight?

I am happy to report that the answer is no.

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Sleep Deprivation and Overeating

I spent a fair number of late nights working on the just-published Normal Eating for Normal Weight, and that inspired the topic of today’s post: sleep deprivation – how it compares to overeating (with an excerpt from the new book), and how it can trigger overeating.

Do you struggle with guilt about eating so-called "forbidden foods"? There is never a reason for guilt or shame about what you eat. Guilt means you feel you’ve done something morally wrong, and there’s no right or wrong when it comes to eating. Not convinced? Consider this (from the chapter on Stage 1):

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