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How Other People Affect Your Eating

Most of us don’t live in isolation. The people closest to you usually know all about your struggles with weight and eating, and can have a profound effect on your Normal Eating journey.
When you’re coming from the diet world, you’re coming from a world in which it’s assumed that you don’t have the self-control or [...]

Eating at Meal Times and Eating from Habit

Do you eat because it’s time to eat, whether you’re hungry or not? A lot of people do, and then feel crappy afterwards.
If the goal is to eat when you’re hungry, does that mean regular meal times are out? No, it doesn’t mean that at all. But figuring out how to make your hunger coincide [...]

Eating at Holiday Parties

Just a note for those in the U.S. celebrating Independence Day at a BBQ with lots of food…
Please enjoy the food, and don’t stress about what you “shouldn’t” be eating. That will just lead to “last chance” overeating.
Remember that you have the right to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. It’s your body. You [...]

Diet Mentality and the Holidays

Question: What is the surest way to lose all control over yourself during the holiday season and gain massive amounts of weight?
Answer: The diet mentality – attempting to control your eating through externally imposed rules and self-deprivation
Dieting means eating according to externally derived rules that are independent of what you want or need. People turn [...]