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How to Lose Weight for Good and for Real

People are overweight either because they eat too much food or they eat the wrong food (too many processed foods, too many sweets). But it is not for lack of knowledge of what to eat, and this is a crucial point. Most overweight people could write a book about nutrition and what they "should" be [...]

No bad foods? All foods equal? Careful!

Recently a new member in the Normal Eating Support Forum posted this message (edited for brevity):

Right now I eat a junkfood diet and have for decades. I don’t eat fruit or vegetables hardly ever. I never learned to prepare dinner every night. I live mostly on pizza, hamburgers and fries, Chick-Fil-A and restaurant food. I [...]

Decision to Stop Dieting: Jumping Off That Cliff

For an emotional eater, giving up dieting can be terrifying. Suddenly there are no rules. You’re responsible for your own food choices, and you’re not sure you can be trusted. You may have struggled for years with lack of control around food. You may fear that Normal Eating can’t work for you, that you don’t [...]

What Is “Normal Eating”?

Since everyone else today seems to be asking “What Is Normal Eating?” (Psych Central blog, New York Times Wellness blog, Feed Me I’m Cranky blog), I figured I should address it here – at the official “Normal Eating” Web site.
“Normal eating” means eating according to body wisdom – which then begs the question, “What is [...]

Self-Discipline versus Self-Care for Weight Loss

There was an interesting discussion in the forum this week about whether – even after you stop emotional eating – you need self-discipline to lose weight. Here is the argument in favor, from a Normal Eating Support Group member:
I think the issue of discipline is important in Stage 4. Health and fitness does not come [...]

May 6 Is International No Diet Day!

nternational No Diet Day (INDD) was started in Britain in 1992 by Mary Evans Young. Outraged by a series of news stories, including the suicide of a teenager who couldn’t stand “being fat” (she was a size 12 U.S.), Young sent out a press release titled, “Fat Woman Bites Back”. This got some media attention. [...]