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Normal Eating on Facebook, Twitter, and More

You have many ways to stay connected with Normal Eating. Here are the different options and what you’ll find on each:

  • Twitter – Inspirational thoughts, what I’m eating or cooking at the moment (to model Normal Eating), and links to interesting articles.
  • Facebook – Links to interesting articles in a format where you can comment and respond.
  • Newsletter – Newsletter articles are cross-posted in the blog, but without the news section that starts each newsletter.
  • Blog – What you’re reading now. You can follow the blog through email, an RSS reader, or Facebook.
  • Forum – The forum is where you can bring up your own topics, get support from fellow travelers, and ask questions of me directly. It’s a private community, not indexed in search engines, with members-only access. The one-time fee of $25 includes an online version of my book, Normal Eating for Normal Weight (full text).

Am I tweeting about interesting things? Do you find the Facebook page useful? Are there specific topics you’d like me to cover in the blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Radio Interview with Sheryl Canter (AUDIO)

I did an interview by phone this morning for 640AM-WGST Radio in Atlanta and the Georgia News Network. The interview will be broken into clips for broadcast, but they kindly sent me the full 9-minute interview (raw and unedited), which you can listen to here.

Listen to the full 9-minute interview with Sheryl Canter about Normal Eating® for Normal Weight

(Click the link if you’re unable to download the plug-in.)

A New Blog

Welcome to the brand new, just launched, Normal Eating blog! The fruit in the header comes from an amazing photograph of a fruit stall in Barcelona (from Wikipedia Commons):

Fruit Stall in Barcelona Market
Fruit Stall in Barcelona Market

You can comment on blog posts whether or not you register, but if you register you can upload a profile picture that will be posted with your comments. Also, if you register you won’t have to keep typing in your name and email address.

You can receive posts in email (signup box is on the right). If you use a feed reader, you can subscribe to post or comment feeds.

I’m not yet sure yet what the fate of the newsletter will be – whether I’ll maintain both the newsletter and the blog, or eventually phase out the newsletter. For now, I will do both. The May newsletter will go out in a few days.

What do you prefer – blog and newsletter, or just blog?