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Interview with Sheryl Canter on WCBS Radio (AUDIO)

Pat Farnack interviewed me about Normal Eating® for Normal Weight for the Health and Well Being Report on WCBS 880AM Talk Radio in New York City. They’re playing it in short pieces today through Wednesday at 9:23 am, 11:23 am, and 6:23 pm (it’s streamed).
You can listen to the full 13-minute interview on the WCBS [...]

How to Stop Overeating Sugar, Fat, and Salt

In my previous post, I talked about how eating processed food can make people fat. Processed foods are fabricated in labs, specifically and deliberately to use our body wisdom against us. The weapons they use are fat, sugar, and salt, which trick us into overeating. From the chapter on Stage 4 in Normal Eating® for [...]

The Original “Body Wisdom” Study

What makes people fat are the two main factors that interfere with body wisdom:

Emotional Eating and Compulsive Overeating – Eating when you’re not hungry, to meet emotional needs and cravings.
Processed Food – Processed foods are engineered to pervert body wisdom so people eat more.

Body wisdom is an inborn attraction to the foods that our body [...]

It’s Not Healthy to Be Too Thin

An attempt to maintain a lower-than-normal weight triggers emotional eating and eating disorders in millions of people. Being very thin is not healthy, which suggests it’s not normal or natural. From an article about a new Japanese study:
“People who are a little overweight at age 40 live six to seven years longer than very thin [...]

Normal Eating on Facebook, Twitter, and More

You have many ways to stay connected with Normal Eating. Here are the different options and what you’ll find on each:

Twitter – Inspirational thoughts, what I’m eating or cooking at the moment (to model Normal Eating), and links to interesting articles.
Facebook – Links to interesting articles in a format where you can comment and respond.
Newsletter [...]

The Problem with the Fat Acceptance Movement

I watched the segment on Good Morning America this morning about the Fat Acceptance movement. I’m all in favor of accepting yourself and loving yourself no matter what your weight. But I was very disturbed by the clear implication that if you stop dieting, you will gain 100 pounds like Marianne Kirby did. This is [...]

Self-Discipline versus Self-Care for Weight Loss

There was an interesting discussion in the forum this week about whether – even after you stop emotional eating – you need self-discipline to lose weight. Here is the argument in favor, from a Normal Eating Support Group member:
I think the issue of discipline is important in Stage 4. Health and fitness does not come [...]

Fat Panic & Inner Beauty (BOOK EXCERPT)

There’s a post from me with an excerpt from Normal Eating® for Normal Weight on the Fem2pt0 blog. This is in addition to the excerpts already posted on this Web site.
It’s from the chapter, “Beauty: Inner and Outer”, and it talks about how our culture equates physical beauty with value as a human being.

Radio Interview with Sheryl Canter (AUDIO)

I did an interview by phone this morning for 640AM-WGST Radio in Atlanta and the Georgia News Network. The interview will be broken into clips for broadcast, but they kindly sent me the full 9-minute interview (raw and unedited), which you can listen to here.
Listen to the full 9-minute interview with Sheryl Canter about Normal [...]

Magazines Induce Summer Fat Panic

In case there’s any confusion about the source of the idea: “You can and must look like Miss California”, check out this article. It’s a great analysis of a piece by the editor-in-chief of Women’s Health introducing the May issue. We’re so used to hearing these crazy messages, we don’t even notice how crazy they [...]