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Is Eating to Numb Out Ever Okay?

Today’s post addresses an important question that comes up regularly in the Normal Eating Support Group: Is eating to numb out and escape feelings ever okay? Can you do this, and still be a normal eater?
The short answer is no. Here’s why.

Sleep Deprivation and Overeating

I spent a fair number of late nights working on the just-published Normal Eating for Normal Weight, and that inspired the topic of today’s post: sleep deprivation – how it compares to overeating (with an excerpt from the new book), and how it can trigger overeating.
Do you struggle with guilt about eating so-called "forbidden foods"? [...]

The Zig-Zag Nature of Recovery

People like to think – or hope – that they can stop emotional eating once and for all, and never have to deal with it again. But you don’t ever forget the old behaviors, and it’s dangerous to think that one day you’ll be immune. If you have this unrealistic expectation, then even the urge [...]

A New Year, A New Start

The beginning of a new year is a time for fresh starts. We assess where we’ve been, and where we want to go. We make course changes and adjustments. We resolve to do better.
But too often, new year resolutions are a form of self-flagellation. You’ve put on a few pounds with holiday eating, so you [...]

New Year Resolutions that Work

Some people say that New Year’s Resolutions are of no use at all because no one keeps them. But I think they are useful in that they make people think about their lives in broad terms – the long view. New Year’s Resolutions are to-do lists for the year, versus the daily to-do lists that [...]

How to Stop Food Cravings

Food cravings are, without a doubt, the biggest obstacle in recovery from emotional eating. Even when you know what is triggering the desire to eat, the craving can remain. As I mentioned in my previous post, the first step towards stopping is to insert a pause between impulse and action – to not immediately act [...]

The Importance of the Pause

Eating what your body tells you to eat, when it tells you to eat it, is obviously a more pleasant and effective way to maintain a normal weight than dieting, but how do you do that if you’re a compulsive or emotional eater? What you need is a road map of how to get from [...]

What Do I Wear? I Feel So Fat!

The December holiday season is a time of special foods, and lots of them. Every year there is discussion in the media about how not to gain weight when tempted by all these treats. I discussed the issue of handling holiday feasts in the November newsletter, so in this newsletter I’ll focus on the other [...]

Diet Mentality and the Holidays

Question: What is the surest way to lose all control over yourself during the holiday season and gain massive amounts of weight?
Answer: The diet mentality – attempting to control your eating through externally imposed rules and self-deprivation
Dieting means eating according to externally derived rules that are independent of what you want or need. People turn [...]

What Does It Mean to You to Be Thin?

What does it mean to you to be thin? Seems obvious at first – you want to be thin so you look good, right? But when you consider the intensity of people’s desire to be thin, you realize there must be more than “meets the eye”. People view the number on the scale as a [...]